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Fast Chemical Waste Removal

A small business in Corvallis, Oregon had several cabinets of expired and unusable toxic chemicals. They were having an audit and wanted all the waste chemicals removed for disposal. The hazardous waste company they typically used was not responding and after several weeks of trying, this customer was told that they could not get to them for several more weeks. This is when we got the call. We understood the importance of getting this waste removed and made accommodations to our schedule to help them. We provided them a quote on the day they called. The cost of which was in line with what they were accustomed to paying and so they awarded us the work, as well as their ongoing business. We profiled the waste, approved it, packaged it and picked it all up the following week.

We provide this same level of service to all our customers. Our field technicians and teams provide onsite, lab pack and chemical move services, from the simple to complex every day.


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