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Dirt Alert Examining Soil Samples from Asarco Smelter

Oftentimes, the full impact of industrial processes is not appreciated until decades later. That’s certainly the case with the Asarco Copper Smelter in Ruston, Washington. For about 100 years, this plant’s 571-foot smokestack belched heavy [...]

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Can Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Clean Up Seattle’s Marinas?

Seattle’s marinas are in need of environmental cleanup, and Seattle hazardous waste disposal companies, such as WasteXpress, have resources and personnel that are available to assist with cleaning up harbors in the Seattle area. Before [...]

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Seattle Hazardous Waste Companies Talk Oso Mudslide Clean Up

The March 2014 mudslide in Oso, Washington presented numerous challenges. In addition to searching for missing persons, rescue workers and clean-up crews also had to deal with pollution and toxic sludge. The devastating slide released [...]

Health Care Industry Takes Care in Disposing of Pharmaceuticals

Toxic waste disposal companies help hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers properly dispose of dangerous medical waste, such as excess pharmaceuticals and infectious patient samples. If improperly discarded, prescription drugs can taint water sources [...]

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What is E-Waste? And How Can Toxic Waste Disposal Companies Help?

Electronic waste has trailed modern civilization since Edison’s time. Yet the amount of electronic waste, sometimes referred to as e-waste, has increased exponentially in the last few years. The EPA tells us that e-waste is [...]

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Possible Pollutants from Food & Beverage? Portland’s Hazardous Waste Disposal Pros Can Help

When the average person sits down to dine, he or she probably isn’t thinking about the pollution stream created by the meal. Yet the food and beverage industry can be a significant producer of waste. [...]

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