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Chemical Transportation & Reuse Project

Customer Industry: Chemical Manufacturer


The Problem: 

Customer received a shipment they couldn’t use

Occasionally, our customers find themselves in unusual and possibly expensive situations. A chemical manufacturer and distributor received a railcar of product that had some very minor contamination. The level was too great to be used in the intended high tech manufacturing process – and even worse, it was taking up valuable storage space and holding up our customer’s production. So, they reached out to us for help.


Our Solution: Chemical Reuse

Did you know that it is possible to reuse chemicals that might otherwise be designated as hazardous waste? Discussing the situation with the customer we gained an understanding of their predicament in terms of the large volume, time sensitivity and budgeting. We also made them aware of the possible regulatory impact. As a result, we offered to investigate reuse options for this product before going down the disposal path. Because the product had such minor contamination our experienced team realized it could be repurposed and used as a product by other companies.

Two main things that were able to achieve for this customer:

  1. Reuse kept all this material from becoming a RCRA hazardous waste.
  2. It also saved them over $100K in chemical transportation and disposal costs.


Offsetting Chemical Transportation Costs

Having years of industry knowledge and existing relationships with area manufacturers and waste disposal partners means we know what chemicals go in and come out of their manufacturing processes. We also know what is required to work with them on reuse alternatives. 

Due to our extensive industry knowledge and the large volume of the chemical, we quickly found two viable reuse options, both of which were willing to pay for this material. This allowed us to off-set the cost of chemical transportation. We worked with both companies to facilitate approvals and provided all pickups and transportation to these companies on behalf of our customer. Prior to pick-up we relabeled all the containers and provided all the necessary shipping documents. Finally, to alleviate our clients space issues we quickly picked up and stored this material at our facility prior to transporting it out for reuse.


The Results:

In their despair, this customer called several companies looking for help. However, they chose us because we visited the site, provided a disposal quote they needed for their meetings and found reuse options all before any of the others had called back or quoted. This customer waited for as long as they could to see if any of the other companies could offer better and/or more cost-effective solutions. They choose us and continue to use our services.


Get Out-of-the-box Solutions with WasteXpress at Your Side

While this incident is not a common one for most, it can be in our industry. When it does you need to be working with a team that knows where to look for creative cost savings opportunities and out-of-the-box solutions – you can rest assured that this line item in your company budget will be wisely spent.

Our standard turn-key services include all the required shipping documents, placards and labels. We are fully permitted and insured to transport DOT hazardous materials and waste. As with this customers material, we transported it all as a hazardous material. Our facilities also have the storage space that can allow you to move your hazardous wastes and materials off your premises quickly and safely. Once at our facility we can distribute products for reuse as needed.


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