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Lab Packing

A Lab Pack or “Lab Packing” refers to a method of packaging smaller containers such as glass or plastic jars, vials, bottles, etc. into larger sturdy, typically “UN” rated, outer containers. Being labs can have a variety of chemicals with different hazards to dispose of at any given time, a lab pack specialist will come in and segregate their waste chemicals according to compatibility, DOT shipping regulations, EPA disposal methods and any specific requirements of the final disposal facility. This same process can also be used to move hazardous chemicals from one location to another.

Once the chemicals are segregated, they are packaged in a manner that will prevent them from breaking during transport. The packing includes a material, such as vermiculite, which will protect and cushion the inner containers from breakage, as well as absorb any liquids should one of them break or leak. An example would be placing one-gallon jars of flammable solvent wastes into a 55-gallon drum. 

Generators that typically require lab packing are R&D, School, College, University, Hospital and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Once we have arrived on site, our lab packing professionals will:

  1. Identify, classify, and segregate the chemical waste to be packaged into groups
  2. Create an inventory of each group of chemicals to be placed in its individual container
  3. Package the groups of chemicals into the appropriate containers for transport
  4. Mark and label each outer container according to DOT and EPA regulation
  5. Manifest and transport all packaged chemicals to the appropriate disposal facility 

Due to the complexity of all the requirements surrounding the lab packing of waste, from segregation, packaging, inventorying, profiling, manifesting to transportation and proper disposal, generators rely on service providers who have the specialists that can manage these jobs. WasteXpress has these specialists and years of experience conducting lab packs. Our expertise allows us to conduct these jobs efficiently, safely and compliantly, which affords you a time saving and cost-effective solution to a complex problem. 

Lab Packing is just one of the many ways we provide our customers with the most professional and environmentally friendly means of disposal in the Northwest.

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