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Corrosive Waste

Corrosive wastes can present a significant challenge when it comes to transportation and disposal. Corrosive hazardous waste is broadly defined as an aqueous solution. For example, strong acids and strong alkaline degreasers with a pH of 2, pH of 12.5 and above, or liquids capable of corroding steel, such as storage tanks or drums at a certain rate per year. Also, Department of Transportation (DOT) corrosives corrode steel, aluminum, and skin at certain rates. Their chemical incompatibilities mean they must be segregated or distanced from other chemicals such as oxidizers during transport.

Hazardous wastes are classified as “Hazardous Materials” so transport must be done by licensed and permitted hazmat drivers and vehicles. Alongside this, the EPA’s RCRA regulations classify them as “Hazardous Waste” when they are sent for disposal. This means they’re rigorously tracked, regulated, and controlled, but so improper disposal can lead to significant fines or worse.

Here at WasteXpress, we’re able to simplify the process for you. We have the necessary permits and licenses for transporting and disposing of these corrosive wastes in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations. We manage all different types of waste, including corrosive waste, and have also been serving small businesses and Fortune 500 companies throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. You can count on us for reliable, compliant, and environmentally friendly corrosive waste disposal services.

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Waste Disposal

We pick-up, transport & dispose of all your Hazardous, RCRA, TSCA, Universal and Non-Regulated waste streams. We can also provide recycling, reuse, and treatment options for certain wastes.

Waste Profiling

We complete all needed facility waste profile forms for you. We track and manage them through the approval process and when they are approved, we get your pick-up scheduled asap.

Sampling & Analysis

We can assist you in guiding through your waste characterizations and determinations. We can determine what needs to be tested for, pull samples and have the analysis run.

Bring To Us

In Portland we have a Drop Off program so you can bring us your waste. Tell us what you have, and we will generate a work order. Once you have approved it, we can make an appointment for you to bring it in.

Industries we serve:

All Large to Small Generators of Waste

  • Aerospace
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  • Chemical Production & Distribution
  • Pharmaceutical & Laboratory
  • High Tech
  • Retail
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  • Construction Materials

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map of areas served by wastexpress - seattle, portland, boise
map of areas served by wastexpress - seattle, portland, boise

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