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Chemical Waste Removal Project

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Customer Industry: Equipment Manufacturing


The Problem: No Response for Waste Disposal Pick Up Request

A small business in Corvallis, Oregon had several cabinets of expired and unusable toxic chemicals. They were having an audit and wanted fast removal and disposal of their chemical waste. The hazardous waste company they typically used was not responding and after several weeks of trying, this customer was told that they could not get to them for several more weeks. A common problem in the waste disposal industry is the needs of smaller companies often get ignored or deprioritized by traditional waste disposal companies. This is when we get the call.


Our Solution: Fast Chemical Waste Removal Service

We understood the importance of getting this waste removed and made accommodations to our schedule to help them. We provided them a quote on the day they called. The cost, of which, was in line with what they were accustomed to paying and so they awarded us the work – as well as their ongoing business. We profiled the waste, approved it, packaged it and picked it all up the following week.


The Results:

This customer was so pleased with the speed and quality of our services, they not only continued using our services, but they also recommended us to their vendors. Who we are now servicing.


Fast Service – No Job is too Big, or too Small

We provide this same level of service to all our customers. Our field technicians and teams provide onsite, lab pack and chemical move services – from the simple to complex every day. Whether your company needs emergency waste removal and fast compliance or regularly scheduled waste removal – we have you covered.


WasteXpress Makes the Process Less Painful: We Explain & Guide

Are you pulling your hair out trying to navigate the complex regulations and code requirements from the EPA, Oregon DEQ or Washington DOE?

What is Conditionally Exempt vs Regulated?

Is my waste hazardous, state regulated or non-regulated?

What does this mean for my company, anyway?

Your business is responsible to understand and apply the regulations to characterize your waste and determine how you fit into the regulations. The team at WasteXpress helps explain and guide you through this process making it simple and painless on you and your staff.


Reducing Risk and Exposure

Businesses are subject to internal and external inspections and audits. Inspections done by regulatory agencies may or may not be announced. Keeping your waste areas cleaned out and compliant can save you from wasted time, frustration and potential fines. Our team is always available to assist you with your compliance needs, we can walk your site with you looking for possible violations and best practices. Our large and varied customer base affords us unique opportunities and perspectives when it comes to understanding what inspectors are looking for.


Faster Results with WasteXpress

Working with us means you get fast, flexible, affordable and turn-key services. Our solid waste permitted and 10-day transfer facilities allows us to be timely and flexible. They also allow us to provide specialized custom services for any waste related projects you might have.


Schedule a Pickup or Bring it to Us

Our Conditionally Exempt Generator program allows you to choose, we can come out, collect your waste and bring it back to our facility for processing. Or in some instances, depending on what you have to dispose of, you can make an appointment to bring it in to us yourself. You can even pay by credit card when you arrive. Safely and compliantly disposing of your hazardous waste is faster and less expensive with WasteXpress than it is trying to go directly to an end facility or through other providers.

Our streamlined process means faster chemical waste removal with less labor and administrative costs to your business. We can mobilize to inspect, classify, profile, package for transport your waste for disposal – in one stop. From start to finish we typically get:

  • Conditionally Exempt Generators picked up in 4-6 working days.
  • Regulated Generators in 8-12 days.


How WasteXpress Delivers on Fast Chemical Waste Removal

In addition to our onsite facilities, WasteXpress has its own fleet of versatile trucks, experienced technicians and strong relationships with all the necessary 3rd party treatment and disposal facilities throughout the West.

  • Waste is often processed and profiled differently at different end facilities. We understand their profiling requirements to get your waste profiled and quoted quickly and accurately.
  • We have access to and use all the major end disposal facilities. This allows us to offer you the best facility and disposal options for your waste.
  • Our fleet includes class A, B and C sized trucks. Our class A & B trucks can handle your larger or heavier loads, while our class C’s can pick up small amounts and fit into tight areas, like construction zones.
  • Having our own fleet of trucks means we can do multiple daily pickups, of large to small jobs. This is in contrast to other companies that require full loads, implement minimums and/or and ignore the small sized pickups entirely. 


Industries that commonly need fast chemical waste removal:

  • Contractors
    • General contractors
    • Roofing contractors
    • Flooring contractors
    • Paint contractors
    • Demolition contractors
    • Abatement for asbestos and leaded paint
    • Building insulation contractors
  • Environmental consultants
  • Cannabis facilities
  • Fuel stations
  • Manufacturers
  • Laboratories
  • Fabricators
  • Building supply companies


Request a quote today and experience our fast, compliant and environmentally safe hazardous waste disposal services.


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