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Decontamination & Demolition Project

The Problem: Simultaneous Project Workflow

A high-tech company in the Portland, Oregon metro area was undergoing a facility upgrade and needed decontamination and demolition services. Hydrofluoric acid exposure was a concern, so decontamination below the permissible exposure limit of 3ppm was needed prior to demolition to ensure a safe work area. Areas and systems that needed decontamination included a scrubber system, clean room and an industrial waste chemical treatment system.


Our Solution:

Cooperative and Coordinated Scheduling

When performing large and/or complex projects such as this, there are often multiple contractors working at the site. In this instance there were general contractors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC workers, roofers and all their subsequent equipment present, including cranes. Scheduling our work team around all these other activities that were also occurring, in and through our work areas, took thoughtful planning and communication – not only with the customers, but all the concerned contractors, especially considering production was continuing and not to be interrupted.

  • We completed the project in three phases to allow:
    • production operations to continue without interruption
    • new construction and equipment installs to continue on schedule
  • We worked within all their timelines
  • We came in as quoted and on budget
  • We conducted all three phases compliantly and without incident

Safety and work plans were completed, reviewed and approved prior to each phase. Surfaces including ceilings, walls, floors and subfloors, were decontaminated. Equipment, pipes and electrical conduits were isolated, capped and/or disconnected prior to cleaning and removal. Confined space entry permits and protocols were followed to pump out and clean the chemical storage tanks prior to be being cut up and removed from the below grade containment pit. All large, long and/or heavy debris items (such as plating, floor grates, chemical sinks, tanks, piping and equipment) were cut into pieces for transport and disposal.


The Results:

This customer got three competitive bids on this work. They had never used our services before, but they had used the other two bidders on some previous projects. Based on our meeting and proposal they selected us to do the work even though we were slightly higher than the lowest bid.

The customers executive team was incredibly pleased with how we conducted the work. They made it clear that based on their experiences with the other qualified bidders they were expecting delays and change orders. However, with us there were no delays and zero change orders, we came in on time and on budget. Needless to say, they are still working with us.


WasteXpress Can Help with All Your Decontamination Service Needs

While demolition is not as routine as decontamination, this project speaks to the service WasteXpress prides itself in and our ability to handle complex projects. Our decontamination services include:

  • Building and equipment decontamination
  • Tank cleaning
  • Acid or base neutralization
  • Off-site tool cleaning and return to service
  • Pit sludge pump outs and power washing
  • Contaminated soil removal and backfill


Common industries and business types that require our decontamination and demolition services include:

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Pulp, paper and wood industries
  • Aerospace industry
  • Metal Coating industry

Our turnkey services for this project type also included waste hauling and submitting waste profiles on behalf of our customer into the end facilities. We will also provide all the required shipping documents, placards and labels and transportation.


Providing customers with peace of mind since 1989, the team at WasteXpress is ready to create a custom solution for all your decontamination and demolition waste removal needs. Request a quote today!

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