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Episodic Waste Generation Project

Customer Industry: Building Materials


The Problem:

Customer needed to free up space at their facility and outsource compliant management of their hazardous waste

For this project, a customer in Seattle needed to remove an excess inventory of unwanted hazardous chemicals to open more space for new inventory storage. Because their employees are both very busy and specialized in their own complex industry, the customer didn’t want to spend valuable time and resources doing something that they were not trained or experienced enough to do in terms of chemical handling, packaging and shipping.

Additionally, the amount of hazardous waste they would generate as a result of this inventory cleanout would change their generator status from exempt to large quantity (LQG). As an LQG, they would be required by the WA DOE and EPA to develop plans and procedures for hazardous waste management, storage, security, training, pollution prevention, emergency preparedness, spill prevention and emergency response.

They also wanted to be compliant with all the regulations and understood that hiring a consultant to develop all these plans was going to be difficult and expensive process for them.


Our Solution:

We understood they wanted to maintain their existing generator status and not move up to an LQG, so we worked with them to review the hazards and amounts of each waste stream. After a thorough review it was determined that the amount of hazardous and state only waste they had would in fact change their generator status and using the Episodic Generation Rule was a better option for them.

In Washington, the Episodic Generation Rule allows small and medium quantity generators of Hazardous and/or Dangerous waste to maintain their generator status, even when larger-than-normal waste amounts are generated from qualifying episodic events. It also allows certain treatments to be performed onsite that can reduce the amount of waste and the overall cost of disposal.


The Results:

This customer was very pleased with our experience in guiding customers through this process successfully.


Benefits of working with WasteXpress to maintain compliance with the Episodic Generation Rule

We Make Compliance Easy, You Make Our Environment Safer

While many businesses feel that registering their company to comply with the Episodic Generation Rule is a difficult and time-consuming practice – we make it easy at WasteXpress. We are committed to our environment and committed to working for our customers.

Whether or not your company has experienced red flags during an audit or only has one-time/irregular disposal needs, you should always be concerned about regulations and safety due to:

  • environmental liability
  • workplace hazards
  • watch dog neighbors


A common problem many businesses face when not tracking and managing their waste generation is ending up in a higher waste generator status and being subject to more costly and stricter rules.

Many businesses may not even realize they are generating state or hazardous wastes that are in need of proper management from products such as abandoned waste, expired materials, product trial samples and more. Oregon requirements and Washington requirements differ; knowing if your business is required to follow the regulations can save you a lot of red tape, unwanted fines and keep your company operating at full capacity.


Save on valuable employee time. Working with us means your company could avoid the expense of having your skilled technical staff or consultants write plans and train employees. WasteXpress supplies you with pre-filled forms for review, completion and submittal. On average, our customers who use our services can save 20% on packaging materials, labor to package, transportation and disposal costs.

We make it easy for you by maintaining profiles, approvals, documents, sending you pick-up reminders and taking care of all the required paperwork. Plus, you and your staff will take pride in knowing your business is compliant and doing the right thing for our environment.


We help guide our customers through the complex web of environmental regulation and compliance. We look at ways to reduce, reuse and recycle your waste. We also look to understand your processes so you can effectively determine and manage your Generator Status.

For customers that generate enough waste to be regulated generators, our knowledgeable team guides and educates them through the process. We also keep our customers informed of any new regulations coming up that might impact their status or waste programs by explaining any new and more stringent requirements.


Other industries that use these services are:

  • Aerospace and automotive component manufacturers
  • Laboratories and Education
  • Gas and Electric Utilities
  • Facilities Support, including fire suppression systems
  • Building product manufacturing and supply


At WasteXpress, we have over 30 years of experience of providing fully compliant hazardous waste cleanup and disposal services across the Pacific Northwest. Request a quote today or contact us today to find out how we can help keep your company safe and compliant.

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